Graduate Institute of AI Interdisciplinary Applied Technology Faculty

Wen-Chung Kao

Research Chair Professor and Dean for College of Industry Academia Innovation
Research Expertises: System-on-a-chip (SoC) & embedded system, Digital camera system & 3-D imaging system, Flexible electrophoretic display, Color imaging sciences 5. Medical Imaging system
Tel: (02)7749-3558
Laboratory: System on a Chip Laboratory
Partner Companies: E Ink Holdings Inc. , Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Wei-Yen Wang

Research Chair Professor
Research Expertises: Fuzzy Logic Control, Robust Adaptive Control, Neuro-Network, Computer-Assisting Design, Digital Control, CCD-based Measurement Systems
Tel: (02)7749-3536
Laboratory: Computational Intelligence and Robotics Lab.
Partner Company: E Ink Holdings Inc.

Ying-Shao Hsu

Chair Professor and Vice President for Office of Research and Development
Research Expertises: Technology-Enhanced Learning, Inquiry-Based Science Learning, Science Curriculum Design, and Earth Science Education
Tel: (02)7749-6800、7749-6799
Partner Company: LEADTEK Research Inc.

Chia-Hung Yeh

Distinguished Professor
Research Expertises: 3D reconstruction,deep learning ,big data, video communication, image processing
Tel: (02)7749-3545
Laboratory: AI Multi-media Laboratory
Partner Company: Coretronic Corporation


Wen-Jyi Hwang

Distinguished Professor and Information Technology Center Director 
Research Expertises: System on Programmable Chip, VLSI, Multimedia Communication, and Data Compression
Tel: (02)7749-6670
Partner Company: KaiKuTeK.Inc

Cheng-Hung Lin

Professor and Associate Vice President of Office of Research and Development / Deputy Director, Graduate Institute of AI Interdisciplinary Applied Technology / Executive Director of Industry Liaison Center / Executive Director of Innovation & Incubation Center
Research areas:Parallel programming, GPU programming, Deep learning
Tel : (02)7749-3144 / 7749-3432
Laboratory: AIoT Laboratory
Partner Companies: LEADTEK Research Inc., E Ink Holdings Inc., Realtek Semiconductor Corp., Coretronic Corporation

Tun-Chien Teng

Research Expertises: Applied Research of Non-Imaging and Lighting Optics, Design of the Diffractive Optical Components applied to display, Research of Nanomaterials for Energy Saving, Laser Processing
Tel: (02)7749-3527
Partner Company: Coretronic Corporation

Berlin Chen

Research Expertises: Speech Recognition, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning
Tel: (02)7749-6672
Partner Companies: Realtek Semiconductor Corp., EZ-AI CORP.

Mei-Chen Yeh

Research Expertises: Pattern Recognition and Multimedia Computing
Tel: (02)7749-6694
Partner Companiy: Realtek Semiconductor Corp

Li-Wei Kang

Associate Professor and Associate Dean (NTNU Extension, School of Continuing Education)
Research areas: Image Quality Enhancement via Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Multimedia Content and Social Network Analysis, Image Adaptation
Tel: (02)7749-3563
Laboratory: Multimedia and AI Laboratory
Partner Companies: E Ink Holdings Inc.

I-Wei Lai

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Development 
Research Expertises: Learning technology, Technology/AI popularization and education, Data analysis, Wireless network, Baseband communication theory and architecture design
Tel: (02)7749-3548
Laboratory: Optimization Analysis Laboratory
Partner Companies: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.