Graduate Programs

(1) Enrollment

The admission channel for master and doctoral programs in our college is mainly based on the entrance examination for master and doctoral students in our college. Enrollment is done in an open, fair and just manner in line with the National Taiwan Normal University’s admissions procedures and schedule. The master’s program and the doctoral program will be recruited separately, including the master’s one-to-four-year research and development model and the doctor’s two-to-seven-year research and development model. Through the industry-university co-cultivation model, we hope to train practical technology professionals.

The School of Research explains the enrollment methods for its master and doctoral students as follows:

  1. Enrollment is conducted by the school and the company for a joint interview, and the company introduces the research and development direction at the same time.
  1. Open on-the-job training opportunities for internal staff of cooperative enterprises.
  1. If the foreign branch of the enterprise has the demand for on-site talent cultivation, remote teaching of some courses will be opened.

(2) Length of Study

The course mode of our school is divided into two courses of master’s degree and doctoral degree:

  1. Master’s degree: Freshmen in the first year of the master’s class can be jointly guided by the matching industry. They can take courses in the school in the first year, and can cooperate with enterprises in project research and development and complete the thesis from the second year. It takes one to four years to complete the master’s degree.
  1. Doctoral degree: First-year doctoral students can be co-guided by matching industry. Take courses in the school for the first two years, and from the third year, you can cooperate with enterprises to develop projects and complete dissertations, and complete a doctorate in two to seven years in total.

The length of study is planned to be one to four years for masters and two to seven years for doctoral degrees.