Department Overview

In response to the needs of ” Industry Academia Innovation”, National Taiwan Normal University established a research college to integrate resources in different fields, and at the same time combined with market trends and enterprises. This makes our college a driving engine for cross-field innovation, forming a combination of academia and industry, enabling students to achieve the goal of learning and meanwhile bring the results of academic research to into the enterprise.

The government’s proposal of industrial innovation as the key strategic direction, the Institute of Research has set up two major research institutes, the “Graduate Institute of AI Interdisciplinary Applied Technology” and the “Graduate Institute of Green Energy and Sustainable Technology”. Among them, “AI cross-domain application” is the project of “artificial intelligence” and “smart manufacturing” among the five key areas planned by the Industrial Innovation Research Institute of the Ministry of Education.

Through the establishment of these two research institutes, a systematic cooperation mechanism between academia and industry will be improved, closely linking schools and industries, jointly investing in forward-looking applied research and cultivating talents, making Taiwan Normal University a partner in industrial innovation.