College of Industry Academia Innovation Prospective Students

College Overview

There are two options for completing graduate or PhD:


  • Graduate Institute of AI Interdisciplinary Applied Technology
  • Graduate Institute of Green Energy and Sustainable Technology


Applicants should meet the following requirements:

1.A Completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering related fields.

2.Demonstrate a clear motivation for pursuing a degree in engineering and an interest in artificial intelligence or green energy issues.

Please note that you must hold the requirement degree before the school starts. If not, your admission might be withdrawn.

Applicants with degrees from foreign countries, including Hong Kong, Macao, and mainland China should confirm their qualifications in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Ministry of Education. It is required to complete the academic qualification verification procedures and submit the originals of relevant certification documents. If the applicants fail to comply with the regulations or fail to submit the relevant academic qualification certificates within the prescribed time limit, their admission and enrollment qualifications will be cancelled.


Admission for all levels are done online. The admission process includes written and oral examination.

Our college recruits a total of 42 graduate students and 10 PhD students each year.

Required Documents

  • The examination materials required to be submitted by each department.
  • If the department has additional requirements for eligibility for the examination, please prepare relevant supporting documents and send them together when you register.
  • Applicants with degrees from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao, or the mainland China must submit the original copy of the overseas academic record, a copy of the academic certificate document, and a copy of the transcripts from previous years.

Admission Plan

Registered Time: March 7th-16 2023

Enrollment Announcement: April 20th 2023